The first session you have with me will be an introductory, and complimentary, 20 to 30 minute conversation where I can explain the coaching process, and you can outline your goals and how you would like coaching to help you. In this session we will look at where you are, what you have done already and where you want to go. You can learn more about transformative coaching here.

Most clients work with me for 6 sessions, these can be weekly, every other week or monthly, and you can book these independently or as part of a package. All sessions are completely confidential and client led.

Coaching works on the premise that everyone has the answers they need already; you are the expert in your own life, and a good coach will help you uncover these. In each session we will look at any challenges that you want to work through; we will use specific tools to help you gain clarity around these issues and I will work as a reflection of your thoughts in order to help you question and examine these. 

These can be carried out in person or online. Each session is 1 hour long – 60 minutes to think, talk and indulge in exploring different options to ensure you come away with insights that will help you move forward.  

I enjoy working with anyone who is keen to make a positive change in their lives. My special interest, however, lies in creating positive personal and social change for the future; for this reason I especially like working with teachers, parents or young adults (age 11-28) as I believe that the future is driven in no small part by these three groups of people.

Get to know me a bit more here or contact me to book an initial complimentary session.